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For decades we have been meeting our customer's sharpening needs with the traditional RBG Blade Grinder. Designed to sharpen straight flat, high lift, and mulching blades these versatile machines are fully adjustable to grind to your desired angle. Featuring a totally enclosed reversible motor, they will sharpen both standard and reverse-rotation blades.

Like the BG-121, the RBG 1214 has a maximum sharpening depth of 6.5" with a 1/2 H.P. motor and 8" grinding wheel. The RBG 1214 also has an extended work platform at the front of the machine to rest your blade on as you sharpen.

List Price



Grinding Wheel: 8" x 1" Ruby
Motor: 1/2 H.P. 1725 RPM
Max Sharpening Depth: 6.5"
Approximate Shipping Weight: 61 lbs
Frame: 11 Gauge Formed Steel
Length: 20"
Height: 19"
Width: 14"


Grinder Stand: RBG 120
Grit Collector: RBG 10044
Grinding Wheel: RBG 1208

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