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SHELF STANDS - A complete line of stands are available for RBG Grinders, both Standard Duty shelf stands with brackets and Commercial shelf stands with top plates. The advantage of using your RBG Grinder on a shelf stand is that it allows you to locate the grinding area away from other technicians in the shop area creating a safer work environment. All RBG Shelf Stands accommodate RBG Grit Collectors.

RBG 120 RBG 130

VAC STANDS - Creating a Safer Work Environment for both Operators of RBG Grinders and Service Technicians working in the shop area is of utmost importance. RBG Grinders has designed a Vac Stand to remove grinding grit using RBG Grit Collectors and harmful dust using the RBG Vac System. This self contained system deposits the grit and dust in the bottom of the stand and emits only clean air using a dual filter system.

RBG 220 RBG 330

Shelf Stands

Part # Cost For Grinder Model
RBG 125 319.00 RBG 712, RBG 750, RBG 934, RBG 950
RBG 910 334.00 RBG 912
RBG 120 335.00 BG 121, 2181-P, 1214, 2114-P, 3410-C
RBG 130 449.00 RBG 1012-C, 20014C

Vac Stands

Part # Cost For Grinder Model
RBG 220 1,079.00 BG 121, 2181-P, 1214, 2114-P, 3410-C
RBG 330 1,189.00 RBG 1012-C, 20014C

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