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Our new RBG 950 includes all the advantages of the RBG 934; easy to use, a preset blade guide, cleaner than traditional grinders, and combines that with the addition of a versatile flap wheel to meet even more of your grinding needs. The RBG 950 also includes a continous duty 3/4 H.P. motor so you can grind all your curvy mulching or straight commercial blades in one go.

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Grinding Wheel: 9" Fast Grind and 7" Flap Wheel
Motor: 3/4 H.P. 1725 RPM
Max Sharpening Depth: Unrestricted
Approximate Shipping Weight: 76 lbs
Frame: 11 Gauge Formed Steel
Width: 21"
Depth: 14.5" (22.5" with Grit Collector)
Height: 15"


Grinder Stand: RBG 125
Grit Collector: RBG 960
Grinding Wheel: RBG 981
Grinding Wheel: RBG 785

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